From routine to Ritual. We elevate your everyday. 

Our lives are comprised of habitual actions. From drinking coffee, to working in front of a computer or resting at night, the space in which they take place matters. Our holistic, comprehensive designs bring back the sense of sacred ritual. We each have our life mission. Our mission is to design spaces that support and inspire you to pursue yours.


Have the bespoke home that reflects your style and respects your budget.

Need to fit 2-10 micro units and commercial space?

Your small lot design puzzles solved.

Make sure your company's shop, office, or restaurant reflects your brand identity.

We love site planning, schematic building plans, and construction details. We also drool over a good finishes palette or furnishings specification. 


We geek out over development Pro Formas. (Oh the architectural lingo). We also dive into the sustainable practices of building product manufacturers and how our designs can have a small environmental footprint without affecting the bottom line. 


We dream of dining in the hip new restaurant featured in San Diego Magazine… the one we happened to have dreamt up! We also find joy in donating a percentage of our profits to the San Diego Food Bank or a handful of other causes that move our spirit. 


Our mission is to combine our love for design aesthetics with our passion for providing San Diego with housing opportunities. Throw in our huge heart for our Mother Earth and all the conscious consumer brands we design for and we’re happy campers!


Find out who we are, where we come from, and why we're so passionate about holistic design


Briana is very personable, reachable and had answers to all our questions.  She made the daunting task of material selection easy. And we LOVED the design she drew up.  

We received numerous compliments from other people that saw her plans (i.e. show room consultants and interior designers). 

The attention to detail was amazing.


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