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about us

Our Story: The Alchemy of Multiple Passions

We are artists, activists, tree-huggers, dreamers, and do-ers.

Ritual Architecture was born from a decade of architectural experience and a passion for interior design. Our practice goes beyond the traditional architecture firm model, seamlessly blending the interior design with the exterior. While working in several firms, founder, Briana Ellis, saw a gap in the services being provided to her clients. They’d often feel confused or disappointed trying to figure out where the architecture services they were paying for stopped and when they needed to hire an interior designer. Ritual closes that gap by offering a complete design package, including options for furnishings selection. 


Do you know an interior designer you’d love to work with and just need the perfect architect for your build? We love collaborating too; the magic happens when we’re all working toward a shared vision.

Combine our affinity for interiors with

  • Our passion for our Earth Mother, with LEED credentials to show for it

  • The drive to solve the housing shortage with micro-units and mixed-use development 

  • Our focus on architectural psychology and how space can positively affect people
    (insert geeky glasses emoji)

and you have a team with a holistic and creative approach to solving your design puzzle. 

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Meet the Founder

Briana Ellis  profile photo.JPG

I’m a native San Diegan and am in LOVE with my city. I first wanted to become an architect after visiting Balboa Park as a kid. Looking back at my childhood, it seems inevitable that I would end up owning my own architecture firm; when I wasn’t drawing houses with crayons or building one for my barbies out of Legos, I was playing “business” with my sister and the neighborhood kids. 


I received my degree in architecture from Cal Poly Pomona and hold various credentials, including LEED AP.


My first employee was my Black Labrador, Colt. He may not be the best draftsman, but he keeps the office morale high!

Briana Ellis

  owner and architect

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