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Image by Lital Levy

mixed-use and multifamily

Custom-home creativity + multi-family experience  = award-winning places

We design for your project Pro Forma too, not just your tenant.

We get it. If the project doesn’t pencil, it doesn’t get built. You love creative designs, but at the end of the day, the point is to build something that is beautiful and profitable (even in costly CA.)  We're a team that works with that money-making yet visually stunning goal in mind.

We live for Feasibility Studies.

And we’re all about “heads and beds.” While we might not be masters of cap rates and NOI, we know they hold the fate of the project, and in turn, ours.  


When you work with Ritual, you gain an honorary shareholder.  We’ve helped other architects design award-winning projects we are proud to drive by everyday; as a young practice, we can’t wait to receive our own.

Win an Orchid (or Golden Nugget) with Us
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